British Frozen Food Federation awards best new products

16-06-2006 | |

Cherry Valley’s Boneless Roast Duck has won a gold award in the best new starter/buffet/appetiser product category of the catering sector at the British Frozen Food Federation Awards 2006.

The silver award went to Brakes for its Mini Smoked Salmon Skewer Selection, while the bronze award went to 3663 for its Smoked Haddock and Spring Onion Fishcakes.

Cherry Valley’s roast ducks are seasoned and flavoured with traditional herbs and spices, and roasted using authentic Far Eastern cooking techniques to retain succulence whilst allowing crisping and browning of the duck skin.

Being pre-cooked means that during hectic periods, the product cuts down on preparation time. The duck halves are quick and easy to prepare – taking only two minutes to preheat in the microwave and two minutes in the fryer once thawed, or just 30 minutes in the oven.

Produced in Thailand, the packs contain two roasted half ducks and are a minimum of 625g in weight giving more product consistency compared to other roast ducks.

Cherry Valley Boneless Duck only uses Cherry Valley Pekin strain ducks, giving less fat and more meat to the products’ final composition – Cherry Valley birds have been shown to give up to 46% more meat than competitor brands.