Brunei looking to export poultry

13-03-2008 | |

Brunei has developed its poultry industry and poultry production has been rising steadily over the past 15 years. This has led to talks of exporting chicken.

A source from the Brunei Agriculture Department said that there were plan to do export chicken because of the potential that Brunei has. “We are now in negotiations with Singapore on how to start exporting. However, we must comply with all Singapore requirements first, such as their biosecurity measures, legislation and so on.”
Of the total consumption of chicken in Brunei, domestic production accounted for only 32% in 1992, soaring to 61% in 1997 and 76% in 1998, according to official government statistics. In 2006, local poultry farmers grabbed 95.6% of the domestic market for chicken products.

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