BT9 launch system for keeping meat fresh

12-04-2013 | |
BT9 launch system for keeping meat fresh

To ensure the fresh meat stays fresh, BT9 have launched a new system Xsense which has been designed to mimise risks to poultry and meat quality by providing real time monitoring information and enable decision makers to take immediate action if necessary.

Meat and poultry products are prone to suffer risks associated with food quality and food safety. In response to the perishables industry’s lack of real-time monitoring, BT9 created the Xsense technology, known as the premier end-to-end cold chain monitoring and management system aimed at ensuring that all stakeholders in the cold supply chain are fully aware of any imminent risks to their perishables and that transparency and control over their perishables remain unaffected anywhere throughout the supply chain and at any given time.

Keeping meat fresh takes more than just refrigeration. It also requires a constant level of humidity and a high level of hygiene. A clean, cool container yields a 30-40% increase in storage life, resulting in less meat loss.

Xsense  technology is designed to proactively monitor, analyse and disseminate risk data to decision makers and then supplements it with expert recommendations on how to manage the emerging risks based on the collected information, assuring the viability of the product’s desired environmental conditions from start to end.

BT9’s solutions not only give single event sensor information, but also provide recommendations on what to do with the information generated in the cold supply chain process based on cumulative shipments data. A break in the cold chain jeopardises consumer health and the quality and shelf life of the meat. Statistically, breaks in the meat cold chain occur most often during truck loading and unloading, and improper handling at the slaughterhouse.

BT9 has already distributed its technology among clients from more than 40 different countries. Each solution is based on BT9 innovative sensing and RF data collection and communications technologies and their state of the art science based on analytic procedures to generate information for decision makers across internal organisational management levels, from the user in the slaughterhouse or factory up to the top manager at each segment in the supply chain.