Business update: Shifts in the poultry sector

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Poultry business update
Poultry business update

New facilities, products, and investments have been launched on to the international poultry sector recently. Where is the action and what is there to look out for? This concise overview gets you up to date.

Nuscience acquires Nutral in Uruguay

Nuscience, the specialty division of the Royal Agrifirm group and a global player in the animal nutrition industry, has reached an agreement to buy all of the shares of the Uruguayan company Solapa S.A., known under its commercial name Nutral.

With the acquisition of Nutral, Nuscience continues its strategy to invest in high-growth markets and expands its presence in Latin America. Founded in 2005, the company is located in the Canelones department in the south of Uruguay, less than 50 km from the capital city Montevideo. Nutral is an animal nutrition product manufacturer, providing quality products combined with a strong complementary offering of technical (product-driven) advisory services.

UK turkey giant Bernard Matthews up for sale

Europe’s biggest turkey producer, Bernard Matthews, has been put up for sale after experiencing disappointing results over the past year. The firm, which employs more than 2,000 people across Norfolk and Suffolk, England, was bought by Rutland Partners in 2013.

Turnover has slid at Bernard Matthews, down from £346 million (m) (€412.89m) in 2012-13 to £276.7m (€330.19m) in 2014-15. £20m (€23.86m) was invested in the company in 2013, and last year a further £10m (€11.93m) of capital was injected into the firm. Speculation is mounting about potential buyers with interest reported from Brazil’s Moy Park, which listed on the London stock exchange last year, and Faccenda, the UK’s second largest chicken processor.

InVivo NSA buys Popular Feedmill Corporation

InVivo NSA has acquired a key player in animal feed sector in the Philippnies: Popular Feedmill Corporation. This acquisition materialises InVivo NSA’s desire to develop its industrial presence and investments in South-East Asia where it already holds strong positions in several countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, China, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Popular Feedmill Corporation, which built its first factory in 1995, currently employs about 500 people. The company has 2 production sites including a recently opened site in Bulacan near Manila and another in Cebu. The company produces approximately 150,000 tonnes of pig, poultry, aquaculture, and pet feed per year. InVivo NSA has strong expertise in the latter in Mexico and Brazil and possible synergies between the three countries are being explored.

Kemin launches new bio-surfactant

Kemin has launched a bio-surfactant, which revolutionises the application process by directly dosing the bio-surfactant into the oil and fat application line. The product, Lysoforte Liquid is a naturally derived liquid bio-surfactant that is added directly into the oil or fat line during feed production. Mixing the bio-surfactant with the oil and fats early enhances its efficacy and helps standardise the energy value of the oil and hence improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients in feed.

Poultry business update

Photo: Casther

“Traditionally bio-surfactants are added as a dry product to the mixer with other feed raw materials. Their benefits to improve various steps in lipid digestion, such as emulsification, hydrolysis and nutrient absorption are well known. Consequently, the addition of a bio-surfactant leads to a better utilisation of the energy from feed raw materials, resulting in improved feed conversion ratios, lower production costs and improved profitability,” explained Dr Monika Bieber, Lead Global Platform Manager.

Zinpro Corporation launches Spanish-language website

Zinpro Corporation has created a Spanish-language website to better serve a growing Spanish-speaking customer base. The Zinpro Spanish-language website will mirror content from the Zinpro English-language (zinpro.com) site, and the dialect will be standard (Castilian) Spanish.

“Zinpro continues to expand its presence in Spanish-speaking countries and regions across the globe, including Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America and also within the US,” says Joe Carrica, executive vice president, global sales and marketing, Zinpro Corporation. “This website represents our latest initiative to better serve customers and support the growth of our business in these important markets, and to better fulfil our mission to improve the wellness and performance of animals and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.” In addition to its English- and Spanish-language websites, Zinpro also has a Chinese-language (zinpro.com.cn) site.

Mycoplasma conference in Australia to be livestreamed

The Second International avian Mycoplasma conference is being held in Brisbane, Australia on July 8. This is an extra day at the end of the International Organization of Mycoplasmology conference. Leaders in avian mycoplasmology will be presenting their views on this area all in one conference whose target audience is health advisors of the poultry industry.

With the pressure on animal industries to decrease their dependence on antibiotics mycoplasma infections are the first issue that must been solved to be able to achieve independence. The conference will be streamed to the internet and then repeated continuously until Monday 11th July.

Norel sponsors Trouw’s poultry seminar in Poland

Norel sponsored the last poultry seminar organised by Trouw Nutrition Poland for customers on the 15th and 16th of June in Kolobrzeg, Poland. Alvaro Ortiz, product manager for Probiotics at Norel, shared the company’s great expertise, his insights and knowledge by giving a presentation during this seminar on ‘The role of probiotics and gut health in poultry animal production efficiency.’

He explained the unique properties of Ecobiol (Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940) with different scientific and commercial trials which proves its performance as a growth promoter and bactericide.  Marcos Bartolomé, Area Manager EMEA region at Norel, presented Norel’s GustorN’rgy, a non-medicated growth promoter. He explained why it is a potential alternative to antibiotic growth promoter due to its proliferative, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Symaga Group launches new brand, Growket

Symaga Group, a multi-national Spanish company which manufactures silos and livestock equipment has launched a new brand name Growket. Owned by the Garrido family, the company exports more than 90% of its production and is present in more than 120 countries.

Poultry business update

Photo: Symaga Group

Symaga divided its portfolio into several business lines until 2016: industrial silos, agriculture equipment and livestock equipment (poultry, porcine and ovine). Symaga Group invested huge productive and human resources in order to entitle these divisions as corporative units. Symaga remains the brand for manufacturing and marketing of industrial silos. Growket is born as the brand name for livestock equipment; and Agravid for metal water tanks and vineyard equipment.

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