Canadian poultry farm hit by bird flu

01-10-2007 | |
Canadian poultry farm hit by bird flu

The H7N3 strain of avian influenza has been discovered on a commercial broiler farm in Saskatchewan, says that Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Consequently, the USDA has barred all imports of all live birds, including poultry, and unprocessed poultry products from the province. In 2006, Japan imported 170 tonnes of poultry and more than 60,000 live chicks. However, the country has now also imposed a ban.
“The most important thing to note at this time is that the domestic poultry industry is safe and free from H5N1 which has been associated with human illness and that this H7N3 is unlikely to cause human sickness,” said Gerry Ritz, minister of agriculture and agri-food.
The CFIA has introduced a quarantine zone around the infected farm and imposed a 6-mile monitoring zone.
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