Chicken discounts are ‘not sustainable’

16-08-2007 | |
Chicken discounts are ‘not sustainable’

Chicken for £2 is “not sustainable”, warns an industry spokesman following heavy supermarket discounting on poultry.

Popular supermarket chain Adsa has recently run a 3-week £2 promotion on whole 1.55kg whole chickens (prices have now returned to £2.56). This, according to the chain, is to prompt sales to double. However, some say that this would be bad news for the farmers.
“It is not sustainable…agriculture is not, in general, in a good place following bird flu, flooding, high temperatures and the foot and mouth disease outbreak,” said British Poultry Council executive officer Jeremy Blackburn, assuring that the cheaper prices didn’t mean the poultry meat was poor quality.
According to the trade magazine, The Grocer, Tesco also recently cut the price of its whole medium frozen chicken to £1.92 – around £1.28 per kg.
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