Chicken eggs to be sold per kg

30-08-2007 | |
Chicken eggs to be sold per kg

In the Philippines, the United Broilers Association (UBA) is planning to sell eggs on a per kg basis instead of per piece.

This decision comes due to the sudden increase in the price of corn, the main ingredient for poultry feed.
One kg could cost P70 (€1.10) and would contain 16-18 pieces of eggs, says UBA president Jojie San Diego. “Everybody’s buying vegetables by the kilo. So why not eggs?”
Large eggs currently cost P5 (€0.08) each for a total of P150 (€236) a tray (30 pieces). According to current prices, one kg or 16 pieces of large eggs would cost about P80 (€126). According to San Diego, it would be cheaper.
San Diego also said selling eggs this way would standardise the price since with the present pricing scale (eggs are sold according to size – small, medium and large), it is difficult to find two of the same size.

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