Chicken pen in prison to assist inmates

15-08-2007 | |
Chicken pen in prison to assist inmates

FOOD for the Poor Inc. in Guyana, South America, has initiated a poultry project for inmates of the New Amsterdam, Berbice penitentiary, in collaboration with the Guyana Prison Service (GPS).

A cheque was recently handed over to director of prisons Dale Erskine for the construction of a chicken pen, 100 x 30 feet and procurement of 3,000 broilers, feed and medicine.
Although funded by the charitable institution, the venture will be managed by prison officers and prisoners.
In the initial stage, Leon Davis, executive director of Food for the Poor, will apparently be responsible for ensuring systems are in place for strict accountability.
The enterprise aims to maintain the dietary needs at the jail, as well as to provide the prisoners with skills that may be of use to them when released.
By participating poultry rearing at the prison, the inmates will acquire training in business management too. They will also be receiving incentives each month that will enhance their financial status and prepare them for a successful re-entry into society.
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