Chicken supplier to US base in Italy fails inspection

17-10-2008 | |

A poultry plant currently supplying chicken meat to commissaries in Italy has reportedly failed a recent health inspection.

Stars and Stripes reports that commissary officials said they were advised by medical personnel that it was not necessary to remove Arena Chicken products from the shelf following the failed inspection.
“Existing fresh chicken products were not pulled from the counters,” said Defense Commissary Agency spokeswoman Gerri Young. “However, chicken has a short shelf-life and all on-hand stocks have been sold out for several days. No more orders have been placed.”
Specific information was not provided on what caused the Arena Chicken plant – the sole provider of fresh poultry to US military commissaries in Italy – to fail the inspection on 7 October.
It is reported that DeCA is looking for an alternate source for fresh poultry in Italy. In the meantime, a second inspection of the Arena plant is scheduled for 7 November.
Source: Stars and Stripes

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