China reports AI in migratory birds

21-05-2009 | |

A Tibetan county in northwest China’s Qinghai Province is culling poultry, disinfecting farms and restricting movement following an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu among migratory birds.

China View reports that 121 migratory birds were found dead near the Genggahai Lake of Gonghe County in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan on 8 May, but it was recently discovered by China’s National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory that they tested positive for H5N1 avian influenza.

Gonghe County has confiscated 600 poultry and is disinfecting every farm to avoid infection, though no bird flu symptoms has been observed at any farm.

The county has 133 hectares of wetland and is a major stopping-off point for migratory birds.

Source: China View

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist