China top importer of US poultry

27-02-2007 | |

In recently released data, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) reported that broiler volume finished the year just under 2.4 million mt last year. The total value of US broiler exports slipped by 12% to $1.9 billion, in a world marketplace battered by widespread consumption declines brought on by avian influenza hysteria.

Although US broiler export volume managed to move up only 1% in 2006, it at least concluded the year on a positive note, that began shakily, at best, said Toby Moore, director of communications, for USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC).

However, for the month of December, China quietly became the top export market for US chicken.

USAPEEC president, Jim Sumner, said: “Hong Kong traditionally had been a transshipment point for poultry products destined for China, but since Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of the Mainland in 1997, direct exports to Chinese ports have increased exponentially. We now consider China and Hong Kong as essentially a single market.”


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