China Visions projecting feed and animal protein markets

09-03-2011 | |
China Visions projecting feed and animal protein markets

At the end of the first show day, business leaders from the feed and animal production industries gathered together for the China Vision conference cum trade dinner. The objective was to get a better insight in the “feed to meat market” in this rapidly developing country.

Moderated by Mr. Gordon Butland from Thailand, major issues on the pork and poultry situation on the Chinese market were addressed by Mr. MA Chuang of the China Animal Agriculture Association. According to Mr Chuang, the livestock business in China, after 30 years of rapid growth, is essentially in equilibrium of supply and demand.

Producing and consuming over 40% of meat and egg products in the world, China’s 60 kg per capita consumption is more that the world average of 40 kg per capita. But there are also problems which have to be tackled. Environmental issues, disease outbreaks and food safety scandals, shortage of raw materials and inefficient production methods are observed. China’s 2010 feed production amounted 156 million tons and the country absorbed approximately 60% of global soy bean exports.

As a result, new technology and better productions methods have to be introduced. All this will have to fit in the new 5 year development programme of China which started this year. Mr. Chuang stressed that restructuring of the livestock business is needed. Also China should more closely move into international cooperation.