Chore-Time: Control of water pressure levels

29-10-2009 | |
Chore-Time: Control of water pressure levels

Chore-Time announces that poultry producers can have convenient control of the water pressure levels in all nipple drinker lines in the house with its updated PDS™ Controls.

With Chore-Time’s PDS (Pneumatic Drinking System) Controls, users can change the pressure in all lines in the house or flush all lines from one remote location.

The updated control is easier to program using simple push buttons rather than being menu-driven. PDS Controls can be programmed to automatically flush water lines as often as 4 times per day or as seldom as once per week. Users can also easily run “flush stimulations” to get cool water to the birds during hot weather.

Chore-Time’s updated PDS Controls come in an easy-to-program model for up to 16 regulators. A second model is available to manage from 24 to 64 regulators. On-line animation sequences showing the function of Chore-Time’s PDS Controls are available at Chore-Time website by clicking on “Chore-Time,” then on “Poultry Production Drinkers” and then on “PDS™ Control”.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist