Cobb Germany marks 10 years in Ukraine

01-06-2009 | |
Cobb Germany marks 10 years in Ukraine

More than 80 representatives from the leading poultry producers in Ukraine and Belarus took part in a seminar in Kiev organised by Cobb Germany Avimex GmbH, together with senior consultants from Cobb-Vantress and Cobb Europe.

The event marked the success of the Cobb 500 — 10 years in Ukraine and 8 years in Belarus — that has influenced the development of their poultry meat market.

Cobb Germany director James Truscott said that while the company services more than 20 countries in Europe, it pays particular attention to the growing markets in eastern Europe and is eager to help clients produce more efficiently at broiler and breeder level.

“We know the Cobb 500 is a very efficient broiler,” said Truscott. “We planned this seminar to extend the knowledge of local poultry specialists in making the whole production system more efficient. I believe we managed to achieve this!”

In concluding the seminar Dina S Ivleva, chief poultry management specialist from the largest producer in Ukraine, told the audience that everyone should profit from the current benefits of using Cobb 500 genetics: “This has proved to be the correct choice for professional modern companies,” she said.

Cobb Germany’s regional market manager Vasyl Babych said that as a measure of its success the seminar was not only an occasion for professionals to discuss modern poultry management but also a get-together for long-term partners and friends.

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist