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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Misset International brands All About Feed, Poultry World and Pig Progress are publishing a special magazine on Young Animal Feed. This issue will be published in June 2021 and will focus on the importance of getting nutrition right from the start to get the maximum performance out of your livestock. Don’t miss out and reserve your space now.

There is no denying that every young production animal goes through a period of fragility and immense change. For some animals it’s the shift to eating solid food, for others it’s the transition of being weaned from their mother’s milk. It’s in these critical, and early stages, when precise nutrients can set the foundation for a healthy gastrointestinal tract and jumpstart an optimal performance trajectory. In other words, the neonate phase can have a significant effect on growth rate, production performance and feed conversion which can lead to better financial results for the farmer.

Advertising opportunities in the Young Animal Feed special edition

About the special

This special will will bring you the latest developments and insights regarding young animal nutrition.

Topics will include:

  • The importance of young animal nutrition
  • Nutrition for young piglets, calves and chicks
  • How gut development is affected by early nutrition
  • Novel ingredients for young animals
  • And much more….

Print, digital and online possibilities

The special will be included with the #4 issue of the regular magazines All About Feed, Pig Progress and Poultry World (print). All the articles will be published online and highlighted in e-newsletters.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact our sales team at without any obligations.

van Es-Sahota
Sunita van Es-Sahota Editor special projects