Compostable poultry packaging launched by UK retailer

05-05-2008 | |

In an effort to cut packaging waste, Sainsbury’s Scottish So Organic whole chickens are now being sold in compostable trays instead of plastic trays in Scottish stores.

It is claimed that this is the first of its type for fresh meat. Made from sugar cane the packaging can be thrown straight into the compost heap where it will decompose naturally in about eight weeks.
“More of our shoppers are becoming increasingly aware not only about where their food is produced and supporting local producers, but also have concerns on landfill and deterioration of the environment,” said regional sourcing manager for fresh foods in Scotland, James Laws, adding that with this new generation of compostable packaging, “we will significantly reduce the amount of plastic which threatens the Scottish environment.”
Laws went on to say that over 7,000 organic chickens are sold every week in Sainsbury’s in Scotland and more than 100,000 Scots own a compost bin. “This packaging could save 9t/year of packaging going to landfill,” Laws added.
This joint venture between Grampian Country Food Group, Sainsbury’s and supplier Natura ASP, has taken over two years to develop and implement into stores.
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