Czech Poultry Association visits Jansen

23-07-2008 | |

From 24-26 June, the Czech Moravian Poultry Union visited the Jansen Poultry Equipment office, showroom, factory and several barns in the neighbourhood.

The Czech Poultry Association, established in 1994, covers 85% of the poultry producers in the Czech Republic. The members are mainly producers of table eggs, one day old broilers and layers, waterfowls and turkey broilers.
The Czech Poultry Association supports its members in negotiation with government, state veterinary service , Ministry of Agriculture and EU authorities.
During their stay in the Netherlands, the main focus was how to manage layers in alternative systems such as aviaries and the best way to raise pullets for aviary systems. Jansen Poultry Equipment also showed them several barns with different aviary lay-outs and rearing systems.
For the members of the Czech Poultry Association it was a good opportunity to speak with barn owners about managing layers.
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