Driver Awareness DVD released

29-08-2008 | |

A new fleet safety training DVD has been produced by the Poultry & Egg Institute of U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, entitled “Single Vehicle Rollovers – Driver Awareness Programme”.

This programme focuses on major factors that can increase the chance and frequency of rollover accidents in the poultry and egg industry. It examines the 3 likely causes: high centres of gravity, road and weather conditions, and driver behaviour.
“The danger of rollovers is always a significant concern in the poultry industry, in part because of the design of feed and live haul trucks and trailers,” says Frank J. Cruice, Corporate Director of Safety for Perdue Farms, and a member of the DVD advisory committee. “In addition, the kinds of roads our drivers use and the routes they must drive can play a significant role in a rollover incident. Unfortunately, driver error can also play a role. And when rollover accidents occur, they are very serious. They can cause injuries and fatalities, not to mention property damage and losses,” he added.
The DVD training programme is designed to increase understanding of rollover accidents: what causes them and how they can be prevented. It depicts actual situations and realistic animation to enhance the awareness of drivers and supervisors, leading to safer fleet operations.
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