Drought in Australia shortens duck hunting season

03-04-2007 | |

Tasmania’s duck shooting season opened last month, but will be shortened by two weeks (due to finish on June 11) because of the drought.

According to Laurie Levy, campaign director at Freycinet National Park, there has been very little shooting and some of the estimated hunters have packed up and gone home, as there were not many ducks around.
The Tasmanian Government has been warned that water bird numbers were dangerously low right down the east coast of Australia and there shouldn’t have been a season in Tasmania. The Coalition Against Duck Shooting activists arrived at Moulting Lagoon, and park officials had were prepared for battle in the coalition’s annual campaign to disrupt the shooters and save the ducks; but birds are in such short supply that there’s been none of the usual clashes between wildlife activists and hunters.
Tasmania is the only state in Australia allowing duck shooting this year. Victoria and South Australia have called a moratorium on duck shooting this season, while the sport is permanently banned in New South Wales and Queensland.
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