DSM-Novozymes phytase available in Europe

13-11-2009 | |

DSM Nutritional Products and Novozymes Alliance will introduce the new product RONOZYME® NP – an enhanced phytase on the European market.

RONOZYME® NP is the latest addition to the broadest feed enzymes portfolio within the feed industry provided under the umbrella brand RONOZYME® and has been developed exclusively within the Alliance of DSM Nutritional Products and Novozymes.

Increased phytate availability

Based on the findings of several customer trials, the product further increases the availability of phytate phosphorus and other phytate nutrients in pig and poultry feeds, but also other minerals such as calcium, magnesium and trace minerals, whilst being the most heat-stable phytase product form in the market.

Heat stable

Improvements in heat stability are attributed to the higher intrinsic heat stability of the phytase molecule in combination with the next generation CT formulation technology. This combination of technologies provides unrivalled, protection at feed processing temperatures up to 95°C.

Available in different forms

Arne Korsbak, Market Development Manager at DSM Nutritional Products Europe: “The product is available in a coated thermostable formulation for pelleted feed, in a granulated formulation for mild processing such as home mixing, and in a liquid form for post-pelleting application.”

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