Dutch AI fears contained

03-08-2006 | |

Serological tests on all poultry on farms within a one kilometre radius of the suspected LPAI-infected farm in the Netherlands have proven negative. Preliminary tests on contact farms also show no spreading of the virus, which indicates that the infection will be a single case.

Owing to the mandatory surveillance systems in place in the Netherlands, the presence of avian influenza viruses in the densely populated Gelderse Valley was detected at a very early stage.

The discovery of LPAI on the farm in Voorthuizen forced authorities to cull all 25,000 birds and to stop the transport of all poultry and egg products in the region. No export certificates will be handed out for hatching eggs, day-old chicks and live birds originating from this region.

No information has been released so far about what AI strain caused the problem.