Egg advertisement is banned

26-06-2007 | |

Re-runs of a TV commercial from the 1950s urging viewers to “go to work on an egg” have been banned…

The BACC has recently been criticised for rejecting an advertising campaign dating back to the 1950s featuring Tony Hancock promoting the idea of going to work on an egg.
According to the BACC, this advertisement contravened BCAP Rule 8.3.1 which states ‘Claims of nutritional or health benefits must be assessed by reference to the concept of a balanced diet.’
The BACC has to seek expert advice to be sure that it complies with accepted nutritional guidelines. In this case, the advice was that the suggestion that you should have eggs every day was not nutritionally balanced and does not suggest a varied diet.
“There is nothing wrong with eggs, and eggs are certainly not “bad for you” but an unvarying routine of eggs every day is not seen today as nutritionally sound,” says that BACC.
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