Egg sales reach highest level in 15 years

25-01-2008 | |
Egg sales reach highest level in 15 years

Egg sales in the UK are rising to their highest level for 15 years, according to research by TNS.

In 2007, more than 100 mln additional eggs were sold, with the figures indicating that the volume of egg sales was up 2.5% for the year, and egg sales value up by 16% on the previous year.

This increase is a result of dedicated PR and marketing campaigns focussing on the health and slimming benefits of eggs, says the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC).

“At the beginning of the year we put the focus on the health benefits of eggs, introducing a new TV advertising campaign and capitalising on a wealth of scientific evidence showing that eggs can help you lose weight,” said BEIC chairman Andrew Parker. “For the egg market to show growth at this level, while value was increasing so rapidly, is unprecedented and shows no signs of abating.”


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