Eggs: a world of possibilities

17-08-2010 | |
Eggs: a world of possibilities

Eggs have long been blamed for being risky for human health. However, times are changing. Scientific evidence has made clear that eggs on the daily menu are okay. Even more, eggs are very healthy food with many useful characteristics.

With the world-wide cholesterol-phobia being discarded by scientists and consumers, the market opportunities for eggs and egg products has the potential to expand into totally new directions. In the past five years health promotion organisations in country after country discarded the antiquated “no more than 3 eggs a week” mantra in favour of a science based “an egg a day is okay”, according to Dr. Donald J. McNamara of Eggs for Health Consulting in Washington DC, USA.

“Now is the ideal opportunity for the egg and egg products industries to educate consumers on the health benefits of including eggs in the diet, and to provide consumers with “functional” eggs designed to promote health and prevent disease. It really is time for the “good egg” to become an even better egg and to take its place in the “functional food” marketplace.”

Research over the last decade has shown that eggs can play a significant role in risk reduction of a number of diseases. Not only can the many nutrients in eggs promote health, they can address specific nutrient inadequacies in the population and, of even greater importance, many of these valuable functional components can be increased in eggs by increasing their concentration in the hen’s feed.

An extensive article on the views of Dr. McNamara will appear in World Poultry, vol 26, nr. 07.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist