Eggs or phones: logo confusion in Russia

25-09-2006 | |
Eggs or phones: logo confusion in Russia

Inskaya poultry farm recently began labelling its eggs with a logo almost identical to one launched by Russia’s largest mobile phone operator in May, prompting rumours of a publicity stunt.

Since Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) launched the logo, a white egg in a red square, it has become very well known, particularly because the word ‘egg’ in Russian slang also refers to a part of the male anatomy.
The egg company’s logo also features the lettering ‘MTS’, which reportedly stands for ‘marka traditsionnoy svezhesti’, or ‘mark of traditional freshness’.
Inskaya’s MTS eggs, sold in supermarkets across Siberia, became famous overnight last week when national television channels featured them in news reports.
Both companies have played down rumours that the almost identical logos form part of a publicity stunt. The phone company’s re-branding by Omnicom Group’s Wolff Olins consultancy for Sistema cost a reported $4 million, while Inskaya says that the brand was developed in consultation with Hartmann, a Dutch packaging firm. MTS lawyers are looking into the situation.
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