Embargo does not stop US poultry exports to Cuba

27-09-2006 | |

In spite of an embargo that has been in place for almost 50 years, companies from 37 US states are exporting food to Cuba – including $57 million worth of poultry.

The trades take place because of a congressional loophole that allows it.
Kirby Jones of the US-Cuba Trade Association says that, in spite of perceptions to the contrary in the US, Cuba is not stagnant or locked into rigid communist ideologies and structures. “Cuba is totally different, hundreds of companies do business with Cuba.”
According to Ron Sparks, of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, three years ago Fidel Castro’s Cuba bought only $1.7 million in poultry from the US. “Now they are purchasing about $57 million of poultry and 40 to 50 percent of that comes out of Alabama.”

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