EPA registration for Inovotabs® tablets

10-09-2009 | |

Medentech, a solutions provider of clean water and cost-effective disinfection solutions, recently announced that Inovotabs brand disinfectant tablets received registration from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Pfizer Poultry Health holds the exclusive sale and distribution rights for the product.

Inovotabs are patented sanitation tablets developed exclusively for use with the Embrex Inovoject System from Pfizer Poultry Health. The effervescent tablets allow for stable chlorine concentration and pH for up to 12 hours as compared to traditional hand-mixed sanitizer which typically is prepared every 4 hours. When used as directed with the Embrex Inovoject System, Inovotabs can improve the safety and effectiveness of sanitation prior to each injection.

Jason Fryar, senior product manager of devices for Pfizer Poultry Health: “We rely on quality sanitation to optimise the vaccination process after every in ovo (in the egg) injection using the Embrex Inovoject System. Inovotabs, when mixed with filtered water, successfully buffers the sanitation solution to a neutral pH with a stable level of chlorine concentration, thereby consistently ensuring the highest level of sanitation possible.”

The Embrex Inovoject System from Pfizer Poultry Health is a proprietary platform technology that enables the delivery of biologicals to chick embryos, says the company. The fully automated in ovo injection device helps provide an early immune response by vaccinating eggs prior to hatch. In addition, the Embrex Inovoject System offers a consistent and uniform method of vaccine delivery, all while reducing bird stress.

Inovotabs are only available for use with the Embrex Inovoject System.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist