EPEXA joins forces with AVEC office in Brussels

03-07-2007 | |

During its general assembly in May 2007, EPEXA, the official Association of European Hatching Egg, One-Day-Olds and Pullet Exporters in the EU-Countries, decided to join forces with AVEC, the Association of Poultry Processors and Poultry Trade in the EU countries, by using one common secretariat representing the specific interests of both organisations.

Leo von Drechsel, president of EPEXA, says: “To assure the important role of EPEXA, we will now make use of the services of the AVEC-office in Brussels. EPEXA remains an independent organisation with its own strong identity like before. We are sure that through our collaboration with AVEC, like a “European Poultry House”, we can be very pro-active in the ever changing political environment and serve all our members in the most efficient way.”

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For further information, e-mail EPEXA at info@epexa.org

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