Farm products driver of Thai exports

15-06-2010 | |

Being led by farm products and industrial goods, the dollar value of Thailand’s exports has risen by 31.61% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2010 to $ 44,38 billion.

According to commerce minister Porntiva Nakasai, the current trend is expected to maintain its upward momentum in the second quarter by 35%, with exports targeted to grow by 14% to 5,33 billion USD.
Ajva Taulananda, Charoen Pokphand Group’s vice chairman, says that despite the recent domestic political unrest and the European debt crisis, purchase orders for Thai goods from the US, Japan and the EU are expanding and would grow by 10% this year. While other markets, particularly China, India and Asean are also expanding, in shipments of farm products and industrial goods, he says, which would see the expansion of CP Group’s revenue expanding to about 18,5 billion USD this year.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist
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