Farmer Automatic

10-03-2010 | |
Farmer Automatic

Farmer Automatic, headquartered in LAER, Germany, is a prominent German manufacturer of poultry batteries and aviaries. Its production and warehouse facilities extend well over 12.000 m².


The company founded by Mr. JOSEF KÜHLMANN is celebrating its 48th Anniversary this year.
FARMER AUTOMATIC manufactures equipment for layers, pullets and broilers. Its manure processing equipment such as manure dryerand pelletizers meet increasing demand.
The layer equipment (enriched batteries and aviaries) are inconformity with the actual EU rules for 2012 and actual Germanrules – and also KAT certified.
The most recent models will be shown at the VIV Europe 2010:
– FA60FR – enriched layer battery for EU 2012
– ECO and ECO Plus – layer systems EU 2012 and German rules
– COMBI 2000 – layer aviary for barn eggs
– BROILER-MATIC – battery for growing broiler
– BT Manure dryer
Meet us at VIV EUROPE 2010 in hall 12 booth C 010
Contact: Farmer Automatic Josef Kühlmann GmbH & CoKG
Königstrasse 51
48366 LAER
Tel: +49-2554-911-0   Fax: +49-2554-91166


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