FarmManager for Broilers registers mortality

16-07-2009 | |

The Dutch Union of Poultry Farmers (NVP) has announced that broiler farmers must register mortality on their farms immediately. For users of the FarmManager for Broilers analysis software this move presents no problems at all, the company says.

This has been prompted by the impending introduction of EU welfare directives for broilers as from 1 July 2010. One of the demands in the directives is that the mortality percentage in 7 flocks over a 40-day period must not exceed 3.4%.

FarmManager automatically collects mortality data from the climate computers in all the houses. The software also offers users 5 different ways to categorise mortality, making it easier to compare data relating to different cycles or houses or to analyse the data using different performance indicators in the house such as growth, feed and water intake and activity.

This makes it easy the result is greater knowledge of and deeper insight into animal performance and shows where potential improvements can be made. This is particularly important when analysing the mortality rates, as so many factors can be influential. It is only possible gain control of the situation with the right insights.

FarmManager for Broilers analysis software is a special add-on for Fancom’s FarmManager management programme. The major performance indicators of the poultry houses are clearly registered and automatically compared to index figures according to the standards or farm averages.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist