Featured in latest World Poultry Magazine

27-02-2008 | |
Featured in latest World Poultry Magazine

Aimed at the international poultry industry, World Poultry magazine translates scientific knowledge and practical experience in a way which can be used by all poultry professionals worldwide.

Highlights from this months issue..
• Sugar syrup: the new energy feed for poultry
In the Middle East where the cost of grains is rising, sugar syrup has been found to be an economical and effective energy source for poultry feed.
• Sourcing sae minerals – organically?
In the first of this series, “Trace minerals in poultry nutrition”, the recent events in the regulatory arena are reviewed. What are the resulting challenges?  What does the future of trace mineral nutrition look like?
• The economic importance of an EU ban on enriched cage
Layer welfare is a major issue in the EU and will result in a ban on traditional cages. Various initiatives have have resulted in the development of alternative housing methods, varying from modified or enriched cages to aviary and free-range systems. Some countries may even prohibit enriched cages too. What will be the economic consequences of such a ban?
• Ostrich abattoir functionality
Ostrich meat has many benefits, but the slaughtering process requires much attention. The use of mobile abatoirs offers a number of advantages over fixed facilities, especially where it concerns transport stress of the birds.
• Hepatic lipidosis in turkeys
Hepatic lipidosis, also called fatty liver and hepatic steatosis, is a potential condition that can affect turkey breeder hens and meat-type turkeys. The exactcause of the condition, which typiclly effects apprently healthy birds, is yet to be determined.
This plus much more in the up-coming issue of World Poultry.

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