Festivities affect production and prices

10-10-2006 | |

Festivities surrounding the celebrations of Ramadan have led to increased demand for commodities including poultry meat and eggs.

Pakistan reports that poultry prices have settled again after reaching Rs102 per kg retail price during the first week of the holy month (1.00 Pakistan Rupee = 0.013 Euro).
Although poultry prices fell Rs4 per kg in wholesale and retail, the rates for live broilers were still unjustified at Rs98 per kg at retail. A day prior to the beginning of Ramadan, broilers were available at Rs92.
Consumers got some relief from profiteers after the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK) began penalising and arresting traders for selling products above CDGK rates.
According to market sources the majority of consumers in Pakistan had purchased items well in advance amid fears of price flare-ups.
Brunei’s Department of Agriculture reports that there is an adequate local supply of poultry meat and eggs to cover the Ramadan season because of increased production.
In a statement, the department said a survey showed that the production of local chicken meat has increased. For the month of October, production is expected to reach 954,465 chickens, equivalent to 1,413 metric tonnes. This is an increase of 7.2 percent in comparison to the same period in 2005. For October 2006, the production of local chicken eggs is expected to be 9.937 million, an increase of two percent compared with the same month in 2005.
Based on the anticipated sufficient supply, the department urged wholesalers and retailers not to increase the price of the food items.