Figap VIV America Latina running in Mexico

22-10-2010 | |
Figap VIV America Latina running in Mexico

The first edition of Figap VIV America Latina opened its doors last Thursday in the Guadalajara Expo center in Mexico. Around 270 exhibitors in the field of feed and animal production are on display with their products and services. Concurrently a seminar programme is taking place.

The show is a joint effort of Figap in Mexico and VNU exhibitions from The Netherlands. Figap used to organize a show in Guadalajara for many years already, but this was mainly for the Mexican market and focused on feed ingredients and manufacturing. By teaming up with VNU, also the animal production side has been added to the show concept, making it a more comprehensive and international event.

According to show director Mrs. Patrizia Jazo Altamirano at the opening ceremony, this cooperation has resulted in a show with truly an international exposure, with exhibitors coming from 20 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Gerard Leeuwenburgh, VNU director International Exhibitions, shares the vision of Mrs. Altamirano. He states that Mexico is an important player in the animal husbandry industry at global level and the interest of exhibitors for Figap / VIV America Latina reflects this position.
At the show there are country pavilions of China, France, Holland and Spain, as well as US state participants from Illinois an Iowa. Gerard Leeuwenburgh is confident that Figap / VIV America Latina will play a significant role in the development of the animal production industry in Spanish speaking Latin America in general and Mexico and Central America in particular.
Figap/VIV America Latina will run up till Saturday Oct. 23.
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