Final stages of avian influenza surveillance system

11-04-2007 | |

The final stages in the development of a surveillance programme to detect avian influenza in poultry is drawing near. The Food Safety Division (FSD) of Alberta Agriculture and Food is developing the Alberta Veterinarian Surveillance Network (AVSN).

This Network is recognised as a cutting-edge system and has greatly improved the ability of FSD scientists to detect outbreaks of both known and emerging diseases.
The system will collect timely information from veterinarians and producers about the health of poultry, including detection of illnesses and disease, and will forward this information to FSD scientists, who will then investigate and diagnose, and help the industry respond.
“That’s the system we’re building in AVSN for poultry,” said FSD veterinarian Dr Delores Peters. “We’re currently working with the poultry industry to finalise how some things are done.” Peters says that the AVSN will detect both highly pathogenic and low pathogenic.
“We’re hoping that we’ll be able to catch low pathogenic avian flu and be able to do something about it before it’s widespread, and before it reverts to highly pathogenic,” said Dr Colleen Annett, an FSD poultry pathologist in Airdrie, who initiated the idea to target the low pathogenic avian flu.
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