Fine creates big boost for the organic poultry egg industry

26-06-2007 | |
Fine creates big boost for the organic poultry egg industry

The consequences for lying about eggs being organic cost one egg marketer in Australia a massive fine to be paid to organic initiatives.

GO Drew Pty Ltd has paid a total of AUS$270,000 after admitting to the ACCC that it had deliberately substituted free-range eggs to its free-range organic products over an extended period to make-up short falls in organic egg production.
The products concerned were sold as being certified organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA).
The Organic Federation of Australia, the peak organic industry body, will receive $216,000 to be used to assist in the development of a national standard for organic and biodynamic produce through Standards Australia.
NASAA will receive $54,000 to enhance its ability to certify and monitor organic produce.
“The funding is a very timely event for the industry which is currently developing an Australian Standard for organic and biodynamic produce,” said Autralian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) chairman, Graeme Samuel.
“Many consumers actively seek out and are prepared to pay a premium for organically produced products. Many farmers also make a significant investment to grow and differentiate organic produce. The development of a national standard will benefit both consumers and producers by enhancing the opportunity for informed choice.”
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