Foster Farms acquisition of Farmville complete

22-05-2009 | |

Foster Farms announces that it completed the acquisition of the Farmerville Louisiana chicken complex from Pilgrim’s Pride. The process of hiring key management employees has begun and significant upgrades to the facility will soon be underway.

“This facility, which includes both a chicken processing plant and a cooked plant, will enable Foster Farms to continue to grow and meet the expanding needs of our customers,” said company CEO Ron Foster. “Eggs have been set in company hatcheries and, when hatched, will be raised by experienced local growers. We intend to reopen the plant in Mid-July.”

While initial production will be about 50% of capacity, the company envisions a quick ramp up. “The plant upgrades, when operational and used in conjunction with the experienced local work force, will allow us to build a strong sales base, leading to a return to full double shift capacity,” said Foster. “Total employment at the facility is projected to exceed 1,100 by September.

“Foster Farms is looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the Farmerville community. Foster Farms again wishes to thank Governor Jindal and his staff for their unyielding support of Foster Farms and our mutual investment in Northeast Louisiana.”

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist