French poultry back on the UAE market

21-06-2006 | |

The United Arab Emirates authorities have lifted the ban on the import of French poultry, which took effect as a precautionary measure on the 26th February 2006 after a case of bird flu was reported on a turkey farm in eastern France.

French poultry is back on the UAE market as the fear of bird flu has been wiped out. As done in the past, all French poultry consignments imported into the UAE will be accompanied by health certificates.

The lift of the ban will have a most important impact on the French poultry industry for which the Middle East represents a key market. Furthermore, France is a historic chicken supplier for the Middle East.

France is the world’s third largest exporter of agribusiness products. With nearly €39 billion turnover, the French agribusiness ranks just behind the US and the Netherlands. The poultry production and export industry plays an important role in French economy with an overall production of 2 million tonnes in 2004, it is the number one producer in Europe and the 4th largest in the world.

France is the 4th food provider of the Middle East and the 1st European one. Main French products exported to the UAE are poultry and dairy products representing 45% of French Agribusiness exports to the UAE. France is the 3rd UAE supplier for poultry. French poultry is guaranteed to be Halal compliant.