FSIS directive covers poultry inspection

06-05-2009 | |

USDA’s FSIS has issued a Directive instructing Public Health Veterinarians (PHVs) and off-line and on-line inspection programme personnel on how to perform antemortem and postmortem inspection of poultry and of the conditions under which the birds are processed.

The revision clarifies that the FSIS on-line inspector does not have to sign the FSIS Form 6000-16, the Lot Tally Sheet. Her or his name can be written in or be applied by computer stamp.
This directive also describes the antemortem inspection procedures for poultry; addresses the verification activities related to good commercial practices; sets out the postmortem inspection procedures; provides supplemental information regarding diseases and conditions; explains how inspection program personnel inspect airsacculitis salvage operations; sets out how PHVs verify evisceration line speed process control; and provides the documentation procedures for findings made during postmortem poultry inspection.
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Source: Meatingplace

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist