Health Tool launched by World Poultry

30-11-2015 | |
Health Tool launched by World Poultry
Health Tool launched by World Poultry

World Poultry is proud to present its new online Health tool.

Together with renowned veterinary experts professor Joseph Giambrone from Auburn University and practitioner Maarten de Gussem from VetWorks.

The World Poultry Health Tool gives the latest insights on 40 plus most common poultry diseases, focusing on causes, clinical signs and proven treatment and control measures to take in account.

Navigate through the Health Tool via an interactive tool or search on a specific disease. Healthy chickens are key for a profitable poultry operation.

Poultry health videos

That is why a number of videos have been included in this tool. In these videos veterinarian Maarten de Gussem explains how to monitor the flocks health and gives a detailed explanation on how to detect diseases as early as possible. He does so on farm and during necropsy. In short the World Poultry Health Tool is a valuable addition to our website and to every farm managers toolbox.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World
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