Hong Kong confirms H5N1 bird flu

18-02-2008 | |

Agricultural officials have confirmed that a dead waterbird found in Hong Kong last week has tested positive for the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain.

Laboratory results have shown that a grey heron carcass, found on 8 February in Lok Ma Chau, near the Chinese border, had been infected with the avian influenza virus, said the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. They also reminded the public to avoid personal contact with wild birds or live poultry.
This is the third bird flu case to hit the city this year. A black-crowned heron at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, a major Hong Kong tourist attraction, was found to have been infected with the virus in the beginning of February. A great Egret also tested positive for the strain in January.
Migratory birds have been blamed for the global spread of the disease, which has killed at least 209 people and ravaged poultry flocks.