Hot water unit for heavy-duty high-pressure cleaning device

11-10-2010 | |
Hot water unit for heavy-duty high-pressure cleaning device

New mobile hot water unit supplies high-pressure cleaning device with 1800 l/ h water capacity and 75 °C hot water.

Livestock breeding of pigs and chicken require a water capacity for cleaning devices of at least 1500 l/h to clean cots fast and effectively. Fat and protein dissolve faster and more effectively at temperatures exceeding 60 °C.
The new mobile hot water unit MBH Hot is capable of heating the required large quantities of water to above 75 °C. With a heating capacity of up to 160 kW this heating unit can be operated optionally with oil or gas.
The unit is simply coupled between hose and device on the pressure side. The compact design on an all-terrain wheel frame permits transportation of the unit together with the high-pressure cleaning device to any point of use. Cleaning is easy and efficient and provides for an overall good sanitation.
The MBHHOT has two firing chambers connected in parallel with a total heat capacity of 160 kW, capable of heating water under pressure (e.g. 150 bar) to thermostat regulated temperatures immediately. The unit works in a high water range of 25 – 40 l/min. Required are water and electricity connections and fuel oil (optionally gas) supply. The firing chamber with circumferential 3/8“ lines is mounted vertically. The high-grade steel casing protects the unit. The MBHHOT wheel frame allows mobile service.
Special advantages:
• Mobile service at any point of use
• Easy connection
• 1800 l /h can be heated to approx. 75 °C, 2400 l/h to about 60 °C
• No pre-heating required
• Operation of high-pressure pump with cold water, MBHHOT is connected in series
• High efficiency, on level with modern boiler plants
Fields of application:
• Cot cleaning, in particular for poultry to dissolve fat and protein
• Machine cleaning to dissolve fat and grease, pressure reduced to protect varnishes and materials
• Any other places requiring hot water cleaning (butchery, dairy, etc.)

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