Hubbard & Granja Planalto sign distribution deal

24-08-2010 | |

Hubbard has signed an agreement with Granja Planalto for the production and distribution of the Hubbard Flex parent stock package.

Granja Planalto, one of the major parent stock distributors in Brasil, recently ended the distribution of a competitor’s product and has signed an agreement with Hubbard do Brasil for the production and distribution of the Hubbard Flex Female and the Hubbard M99 Male.
The agreement will allow distribution to Brazil and also export to Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. However, some specified customers will continue to be supplied directly by Hubbard do Brasil.
The Hubbard Flex parent female is a good breeder with good production, persistency and correct egg size. When mated with the Hubbard M99 male, the broilers show exceptional technical performances resulting in the lowest live cost seen in the market. Sales of the M99 male in the USA now represent already 40% of the market, confirming its exceptional genetic potential of this parent male.
Minoru Miyasaka, General Manager of Hubbard do Brasil, ads: “This agreement between the 2 companies will bring major benefits for the Brazilian market. The high genetic potential of the Hubbard Flex female and the M99 male produced in brand new operations along with the long experience of Granja Planalto in distributing parent stock, will offer the Brazilian poultry industry an excellent and competitive choice.