Hubbard launches the Hubbard Yield

26-01-2009 | |

During the International Poultry Exhibition in Atlanta (28th-30th January 2009) Hubbard will launch a new product for the broiler industry, the Hubbard Yield.

Over the last 2 years the Hubbard Yield has been tested extensively by several main producers in North America under the name “H1”, and gained a lot of fame from its early beginning. Following the very positive feedback from numerous field trials, Hubbard decided to upgrade the “H1” test product into a commercial product, thus making it an “official” member of the Hubbard product range under the new product name “Hubbard Yield”.

The Hubbard Yield is the only commercial breed available combining optimum hatching egg production with very competitive broiler results, says the company.

Field results in North America have confirmed that:
– The breeder produces around 161 hatching eggs and, when mated to the Hubbard M99 PS male, about 137 chicks per hen housed at 65 weeks of age. This is more hatching eggs and chicks than all current yield breeds available in the market.
– The broiler is competitive in live cost through very good growth rate, livability and feed conversion combined with good leg strength.
– The carcass yield, white meat yield and uniformity are all of a superior level.

The Hubbard Yield is mainly targeting the “heavy weight” market (>6 lbs / 2.7 kg live weight for the big bird, de-bone and large whole bird markets) as well as the “medium weight” market (5 lbs/ 2.2 kg live weight for the tray pack and cut up markets).

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist