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Lode Nollet, product manager enzymes at Huvepharma received the award.
Lode Nollet, product manager enzymes at Huvepharma received the award.

The Huvematic® concept, developed by Huvepharma is the winner of the All About Feed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award.

The award was presented by All About Feed editor Emmy Koeleman at the first day of VICTAM Asia, held in Bangkok 29-31 March. Nine companies were nominated for this award.

Huvepharma had developed the Huvematic® concept. This concept is based on 2 innovations. First there is the production of highly concentrated enzyme powders (60-100 x higher concentrated than the normal commercially available ones), which are instant water soluble and at the same time have a shelf life of at least 1 year. Secondly, there is the development of the Huvematic, a machine which dissolves these enzymes into water at the feed factory (production of batches of 5 or 10 litres), for immediately spraying onto the feed which has previously been heat treated (post pelleting / post extrusion application).

Many advantages for feed millers

The All About Feed jury awarded this concept as enzyme use on a global scale is increasing. “The concept is not only the enzyme itself, but also a practical application for feed millers to prepare the liquid enzymes in the feed mill. The total concept makes it unique.” On site preparation of liquid enzymes has many advantages, according to Huvepharma. It results in a more stable product and flexibility in dosing. For the plant manager, it also means no more enzyme intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) that take up floor space and which are difficult to get rid of when empty.

More machines to be installed

The Huvematic machines have been or will be installed all around the world. Lode Nollet from Huvepharma explains: “Currently there are 3 running in Europe and 3 more will be installed in European feed mills in April this year. In April, the first one will be installed in Mexico. In May, a machine will be installed in Brazil. In Asia, there are plans for a second and a third one to be installed in the coming weeks. In the United States, already 17 Huvematic machines have been installed. With plans to add 10 more this year.” The machines in the US are the ones that make 1 liquid enzyme (OptiPhos Phytase). We are now also placing machines in the US that can prepare both phytase and Hostazym X xylanase. In all other parts of the world, the machines are already producing both enzymes.

The Huvematic machine is on display at the Huvepharma booth at Victam Asia (Booth #PLP C145).

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