Hy-Line acquires layer activities of Group Amice-Soquet in France

03-09-2007 | |
Hy-Line acquires layer activities of Group Amice-Soquet in France

Hy-Line International has announced that its exclusive distributor of layer genetics in the French market, Hy-Line France, has acquired 100% of the layer activities of Group Amice-Soquet (GAS).

“This is a significant strategic acquisition for Hy-Line in one of the top 15 egg production markets in the world. The acquisition of GAS’ layer activities will strengthen the position of the Hy-Line brand in France and will provide increased access to Hy-Line genetics for French egg producers. We are excited about the rapid growth of the Hy-Line Brown and Hy-Line Rural products in the French market and we are looking forward to continued growth via this acquisition,” said Hy-Line International’s president and CEO, Dr John Greaves.
The current president of Hy-Line France, Loic Taillandier, who has been responsible for the successful market introduction of Hy-Line breeds in France stated “This important step is taking place at the right time. We have managed to achieve a market share of 15% within only four years with our excellent team and outstanding products. The only limiting factor for further growth was the existing farm and breeding infrastructure. This acquisition enables Hy-Line to operate with a modern and competitive production infrastructure that is essential for future growth.”
“Hy-Line France and the layer activities of GAS will be combined into a new entity under the name of Hy-Line France,” stated Taillandier.
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