iJET’s Year in Review report on bird flu

25-01-2007 | |

iJET Intelligent Risk Systems, a provider of global intelligence, operating risk management technology and integrated emergency response services, have announced the publication and availability of Avian Influenza and Pandemic Planning 2006: Year in Review.

The report provides an overview of global developments and initiatives regarding avian flu and aims to help corporations and organisations more effectively continue with pandemic planning efforts.
Joan Pfinsgraff, M.D., director of health intelligence for iJET: “It is essential for organisations to not only plan for the potential consequences of a pandemic, but also to engage suppliers, partners and local communities in that planning.”
The report chronicles the activity of H5N1 avian influenza during 2006, characteristics of recent human infections, and evolution of the virus. It also identifies the progress made in fighting bird flu and the problems and critical needs that still exist.
This report is based on data from iJET’s World Pandemic Monitor
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