India bans maize exports to Malaysia, hurting poultry farmers

09-07-2008 | |

India has decided to stop exporting maize to Malaysia. However, this decision has hit Malaysia’s chicken farmers who will have to either cut production, or pay even more for feed.

In Malaysia, maize from India makes up 95% of the chicken feed. It has therefore come as a huge blow to the farmers in the region when it was announced that exports from India into the country are banned.
“In just two days, the price of maize jumped from RM980 (US$270) per tonne to RM1,200 (US$370),” said president of the Federation of Livestock Farmers Associations of Malaysia (FLFAM), Lee Ah Fatt. “With India barring the export, the price of maize will escalate further thus hurting farmers,” he added.
It has been reported that Ah Fatt called on the chicken farmers in the country to cut production by 10-15% to reduce losses.