India: Govt culled 100,000 birds due to bird flu

29-01-2010 | |

West Bengal government officials have stated that so far, approx. 95,493 birds have been culled and over 10,189 eggs destroyed, reports state.

After the state government reported return of the bird flu H5N1 on January 17, 2010, the government has asked the West Bengal government to undertake culling of all poultry within a radius of 3 km from Murshidabad district, the centre of the bird flu outbreak.

“A 3-member central rapid response team is stationed at Murshidabad to assist the state health authorities. Containment measures have been initiated as per the contingency plan of the department of animal husbandry, dairying & fisheries (DADF),” ministry of health and family welfare said.

“Further, 409 poultry workers/cullers/veterinary surgeons are involved in culling operations. The identified hospital has reported 8 cases of fever with URI but none of them has any history of contact with infected poultry,” the ministry said.


Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist