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<em>Photo: Eurotier</em>
Photo: Eurotier

Welcoming visitors from more than 100 countries, the International Visitors’ Lounge plays an important networking role at EuroTier.

Located in Hall 26, the lounge includes a world map that allows visitors to personally pinpoint their home country. A wall is dedicated to networking via business cards and coffee and drinks are available to EuroTier lounge-goers.

“The lounge, which has been a fixture at EuroTier for over a decade now, is probably the most international location at the fair,” says Annette Reichhold, the manager of the International Visitors’ Lounge. “The map, where visitors place a drawing pin to point to their home country, has become a real tradition at EuroTier.

Attracting experts from distant locations

With more than 30,000 visitors from outside Germany attending in 2014, we had a whole host of exotic countries selected, including Burundi, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Buthan. It shows EuroTier, with its wide range of animal production solutions, is able to attract farming experts from even the most distant locations.”

Individual visitors, as well as delegations, from other countries gather in the lounge, making it a unique meeting point. This year, a networking wall will be dedicated to business cards. This will enable visitors to use the lounge as a potential forum for new contacts.

Answering questions

The lounge has a 100-seat area where visitors can have a coffee, as well as meet people from other cultures. The DLG visitor team will be on hand to not only welcome visitors, but to answer questions concerning EuroTier and EnergyDecentral. They will also be happy to assist international visitors with any travel or accommodation issues or concerns. The team’s long experience at EuroTier means it also has a large network in the farming community to assist in making business connections.

Two conference rooms are available to use upon prior reservation for one-hour meetings. The lounge also contains a full range of DLG’s farming activities which include livestock machinery testing reports and detailed information on topics of relevance to the livestock sector such as automatic feeding systems for cattle and managing staff at a dairy farm.

Delegations welcomed from across the globe

Farming experts from all over the world visit EuroTier and the International Visitors’ Lounge will include delegations from China, Japan to Brazil, Russia and Australia amongst many more.

Adjacent to the International Visitors’ Lounge, on Stand D28, the DLG (German Agricultural Society) can be found. A farmers’ association with 27,000 members, this is the organiser of EuroTier and also manages several livestock-related clubs including the European Poultry Club (EPC) and the European Pig Producers (EPP). More information about these can be found at the DLG stand.

Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects
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